Sinus & Respiratory Health


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Sinus & Respiratory Health

Your sinuses and respiratory system represent yet another area of your body that has numerous foreign cells in constant residence and hopeful natural balance. Like your skin, these areas are front line barriers that protect your body. Keeping them healthy and free of baseline symptoms is a key to having optimal immune function.

For many years we have used the combination of Immune Plus, Quercetin, and Oregano Oil as a natural support system for sinus and respiratory integrity.*

Daily Protector supports your sinuses and respiratory system in multiple ways. Some of the troops that patrol these surface areas, such as sIGA, require carotenes for optimal function (which are part of the Daily Protector formula). Vitamin C is needed to keep many of your front line troops on their toes.*

  • An excellent supplement for efficient immune cell function. It specifically supports healthy lymph circulation and may reduce excess congestion or pressure in the shoulders, neck, or ears. Immune Plus™ comes in a powder or capsule form and is among our top immune supplements for children as well as adults.*

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  • A natural bioflavonoid that helps sinuses, skin, bone health, nerves, and toxin clearance in the GI tract. It is a helpful nutrient for congestion, mild allergies, or breathing issues.*

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  • High quality 100% wild Oregano Oil in capsules. Oregano Oil supports sinus health and has been used for years as a natural immune support nutrient.*

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    Highly-purified with no additives. Nutrient support for the immune system, adrenals and stress.* There are two vitamin C options: Vitamin C Capsules and Buffered C Tablets.

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  • The highest quality noni fruit supplement at an excellent price! Freeze-dried organic noni from Tahiti. Noni supports immune and digestive health.*

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